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Involve your kids in the kitchen!

Teach valuable Life Skills

Involve your kids in the kitchen!

Children learn so much by being involved in even the simplest kitchen tasks. The added bonus is feeling included and spending time together. It's not just a meal your making, it's memories!

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Little Sidekick Learning Stools

Make it easy to include your children in kitchen activities!

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Set children to the proper counter height
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Made with quality hand selected lumber
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Grows with your child
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Available in a Variety of Colours
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Personalize - Add your Child's name!
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Take a closer look at your

Little Sidekick Learning Stool

Middle Panel

Prevents young children from stepping backwards.

Large opening

For your child to climb in and out of. Lots of space for your child to move and grow!

Reinforced Step

Step is flush with Sidekick to prevent tripping.

Height Adjustments

Platform sits on one of three different settings to keep your child at the proper counter height, setting them up for success! No tools required.

Furniture Pads

Prevent scratching of floors and allow child to push to their desired location. Optional Spilt milk Anti Tips add a wider base, perfect for tiled floors!

Add Name or Title

Add your Child's name to the top panel and/or add a fun title like 'Sous Chef' to the middle panel.


Latex, low V.O.C interior paint with stain blocker is easy to clean.

Quality Craftmanship

Lumber is hand selected, sanded with edges rounded off for added safety and esthetics. Screws are flush mounted.

Parent Reviews

It's beautiful and well made. My daughter's little face when she can get involved in food prep and watch what mama does is priceless! She's so happy to get involved and that makes me happy too.

N Price

Highly recommended! Our daughter loves being a part of everything that we do and this makes everything more enjoyable! We love ours so much, we bought one for her best friend too!

C Clarke

My Little Sidekick, helps me experience the world on another level. I am so curious and love to explore. I use my Little Sidekick every single day.

K Livingston

I love the Little Sidekick because it allows me to be a bit more hands free, while Austin can be a bit more hands on and observe everything. I think it is so important to have them in the kitchen!

A Barber