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Easter Funny Bunny Cake

Easter Funny Bunny Cake

Apr 11, 2020


Make a cute Easter Bunny Cake from 2 - 9" circular Cakes!

Extra time in the house, means extra time for us to spend in the kitchen! We are finding ways to celebrate the holiday and keep our spirits up. Keeping busy!

You will need a cake mix box (with all the ingredients to add), one can of icing and some decorations. Of course if you like to bake from scratch, you will need whatever recipe gives you 2 - 9" circular cakes.

Step 1:

Gather ingredients as a team (or before the kiddos come to help). Of course in our house, with the kids so close in age, when asked if we wanted to make a vanilla or a chocolate cake, I got two different answers! Sigh. Ok, ok, we will do both. I will do half of each box. OH..errr...hmmm. These boxes have different amounts of ingredients to be added. Well, I am no genius at splitting one egg in half so - lets make the vanilla and we will add cocoa powder to half the mix!! Whew, dodged a bullet there.

Make the cake according to box directions and bake.

Boy and girl in learning towers add ingredients to a bowl

Isabella is on an egg cracking roll. No egg shells yet!

Aston is a great judge of liquid amounts and adding so close to the right amount!

Let Cool!

one circular vanilla cake and one chocolate circle cake

Cut up one of the cakes as pictured below.

two circular cakes, one cut up

And arrange as so:

Cake to be frosted, in the shape of a bunny

Ta da! An Easter bunny to decorate!

boy and girl lick icing off their fingers

I had two icing knives, so I let them ice up the cake. This was a HUGE step for me. I like things to be perfect and honestly it FELT so GOOD letting them take control. To see how much fun they were having was joyful.

Of course, they got more and more silly as they constantly dipped their fingers in the icing. Something we would NEVER allow under normal circumstances, because we like to share, but since we are hunkered down together, lets do it!

boy checks out girl as she ices the nose

We used what we had on hand for decorations, lucky we had eyeballs from our Halloween krispy treats!

boy and girl ice the cake

Again, the kids had FULL control this cake decorating.

silly looking bunny cake

I may be biased, but this is the best funny bunny cake a mother could ask for!

boy and girl hold up bunny ears next to bunny cake

And these are the best kiddos I could ask for.

Baking this cake together was such a fun afternoon. We all laughed and had a blast and just forgot about the world. It was something we all needed. Well...maybe not the elastic on my pants!

Happy Easter from our house to yours!