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Halloween Monster Krispies!

Halloween Monster Krispies!

Oct 09, 2019



There is so much fun you can have with candy eyeballs at Halloween time...Seriously!

This weekend the cousins were over and what better to do but make some Halloween treats? A first in this house for everyone and so much fun, it will be one to do every year!

Simple ingredients, easy to prep, easy to make and easy to eat :)

rice kripsy treats, small bowls of assorted colored chocolate melts and cany eyeballs


- Rice Krispy Treats (Store bought or make your own)

- Candy Eyeballs (We used large and medium, assorted variety is best)

- Colored chocolate melts, Assorted (Thanks Bulk Barn) I bought about 20 or so of each color and it made 12 treats easily.

We picked out fun and vibrant colors to stand out the most. You can tailor the colors to any holiday!

Four kids around a counter looking at their ingredients

After washing hands really well, the kiddos hopped in their Little Sidekicks and checked out their ingredients. They were pleased that the eyeballs were candy! I heated up the candy melts in 2, 30 second increments stirring them after each zap in the microwave. Showing them the chocolate chips as a solid and then as a liquid had them curious. Caution - the bowls got hot!

four kids dipping rice krispy treats in melted colored melted chocolate

After picking their favorite color, they dunked in their treats and I helped them spoon the chocolate on them. (Had I gotten more chocolate it would have been an easy dip)!

boy checks out girls treat she is making

"Where do we put the eyeballs?", they asked. "On the chocolate anyway you like!" Lots of laughter as they made their own monsters and checked out the others.

Four kids reach for their own rice krispy at the same time

On the last treat, they decided they were all in as a team. What a great way to spend time with your cousins!

four kids standing in learning towers around the counter

Waiting for our family to finish! Each kiddo has their own Little Sidekick to work in. They were able to reach all the products safely and STAY in their own area. This helped keep things organized and comfortable for them. I didn't have worry about any of them falling and hurting themselves, I got to soak in their laughter instead!

four kids in learning towers hold up their treat they made

SUCCESS! The kids loved making their treats and enjoyed eating them too!

rice krispies dipped in pink, blue, orange, purple chocolate individually with eyeballs

All that was left after "tasting", even Grandma stopped by for a treat with her coffee. Our little guy took one to class for lunch and there was an eruption of giggles over his silly treat!

There are still more eyeballs left....more to come! We hope you enjoy making these. Would be fantastic for classroom treats, add a lollipop stick for less messy eating!

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