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It's so hard to say Goodbye to Little Sidekicks!

Mar 30, 2023



What started as a "request to be made" on the local buy and sell, turned into Creatables - Home of the Little Sidekick learning stools.

Our journey started in 2017, in a corner of our garage making a few Little Sidekicks a month. It was with great joy that we saw more and more parents choose to include their children in the kitchen with them and we are truly thankful that you trusted us to build your child's Little Sidekick. This quickly took over the whole shop, most of our basement and to be honest - our lives.

Covid had certainly tested us: by increasing lumber prices astronomically, producing less lumber and drastically lowering the quality of the lumber that was produced. We struggled to operate the shop alone, but managed to get your orders out on time in what proved to be the busiest year in our company history.

Covid has still left its mark, with economic inflation we are feeling our pocketbook shrink and sales drastically doing the same. We owe it to our children (and ourselves) to step off this roller coaster and provide a stable income for our household.

Will Little Sidekicks ever return? I have no answer to that, but the pictures you sent of us of your children in clear kitchen delight, will forever be in our hearts. Thank you again for your support as we discontinue Little Sidekicks (for now) to focus on Drawer Knobs and other shop creations.

Traci & Chad

Traci and Chad at McHappy Day

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