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Keepsake Memory Print Kit

Keepsake Memory Print Kit

May 04, 2021



IT HAS HAPPENED! I have been thinking this day would come and was preparing myself for about a year now. Maybe hanging on a bit longer than I needed to.

Isabella my oldest child at 9 years old, has OUTGROWN her Little Sidekick!

It was a sad day and yet a happy day. You know, one of those moments when you look at your child and you get so proud of how much they have grown, but then you roll your memory camera and see their little faces once more and you tear up because they will never be that little again? One of those days.

My saving grace? The adorable hand prints I took of my kids a few years ago on the platform of her learning tower. I have it displayed in my living room as an adorable keepsake now. I'm so happy I captured that moment in time, when their hands were so small. I will remember her little hands cracking eggs, squishing dough and always sneaking the icing. Now, I will get to see her hands get bigger and bigger as she holds them up to compare and wonder how they were so small.

one pink and one blue handprint on Mommys Little Sidekicks platform

I'll walk you through step by step how to make prints on your own Little Sidekick. So you can have a keepsake too! This is also great for the grandparents too. 

You will need Non-Toxic Water based Acrylic Paint, A Sealer, 1" Foam brushes for each color used and one for the sealer and a Sharpie marker.

We have added a Keepsake Memory Print Kit package to the shop. It includes everything you will need to make your own keepsake and is available in 1-3 colors for multiple kids prints.

White platform for Learning tower and a keepsake memory print kit beside it

Have on hand a pencil, towel and a moist cloth.

Step 1: Get Ready!

Decide on what prints you would like to use (hand or foot) and where you would like them to be. Set up your work area with a towel and put your child in clothes that can get dirty.

Step 2: Make a Template
small feet stand on Little Sidekick platform
Have your child place their hands or feet on the platform and using a pencil, lightly mark where you would like the prints to be.

Step 3: Apply the Paint
boy sits and has blue paint applied to his foot
Get your child comfortable.

Using the paint container labeled ‘Acrylic Paint’ and one sponge brush, apply a thick even layer of paint to your Childs hand or foot.

Step 4: Time to Make Prints
boy foot is pressed down on the platform
Place your Childs hand or foot where desired and press down. Ensure the entire foot including toes have been pressed down to get a good print.

It is recommended to keep a firm grip on your Childs ankle or wrist to help guide them and prevent mishaps.

If you are not satisfied with the print made, remove the paint with a moist towel or a wet wipe before it dries. Make sure the platform is completely dry before trying again.

Repeat above steps for another attempt.

We recommend doing one hand or footprint at a time and cleaning up the hand or foot before doing the next. Wash with warm water and dry.

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for the second print. Allow time for the prints to dry.

Step 5: Adding Words to the Platform
letters are written in marker on a platform
Using a pencil, lightly mark the platform with which names, sayings or dates you would like. Gently erase the pencil if making changes.

Using your provided Sharpie marker, trace over the pencil.

Tip: The point of the Sharpie will be fine. Test it on scrap paper and push the tip of the sharpie in to create a thicker line as desired.

Step 6: Apply the Sealer
a foam brush is dipping into sealer to apply to a keepsake print
Seal your prints! Using the container marked sealer and provided sponge brush, apply an even layer of sealer over the prints and words.

Sealer will apply milky and appear shiny. It will dry clear.


Your Little Sidekick and printed platform can be passed down for generations to come. Imagine packing up your Little Sidekick when your child has outgrown it and presenting it as a gift at their baby shower! What a touching sentiment! Their Child's prints could also be added and cherished for generations to come.


Grandmas helping hands keepsake platformis displayed next to flowerswhite and green learnign tower had grandmas little sidekicks and grammas helping hand prints platform

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