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girl in learning tower holds up a mug of hot chocolate to sip


Mar 21, 2020



With the schools being closed, we are finding fun ways to 'add' (pun intended) education into our day to day. After recess, the kids like to warm up with a cup of Hot Chocolate. Little did they know they would be learning....MATH?!

two mugs of hot chocolate sit in a pile of large and small marshmallows on the counter

That's right! See, my kids get a choice between having little marshmallows or big marshmallows in their hot chocolate. (Spoiled, I know but these are our s'more reserves)!

But, "How many can we have?" Well, the choice is yours.

You get 8 units of Marshmallow.

1 big Marshmallow = 4 Units and 1 little Marshmallow = 1 Unit

Fun times and laughter ensued as Isabella immediately takes one big marshmallow and counts four little ones beside it. Then continues on to make more groups of the same and then the different combinations, 8 littles and 2 big. Aston seeing big fluffy marshmallows decides that building a wall is more fun.

boy and girl in learnint towers count marshmallows

What did they pick? In the end they went middle road, the best of both worlds - one big and four small.

Was it a major learning lesson, maybe not... but you never know. Maybe instead of adding apples to apples next time, it will be marshmallows to marshmallows!

two mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows in them


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