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Vampire Donuts - Bite them before they bite you!

Vampire Donuts - Bite them before they bite you!

Oct 20, 2020



Last Halloween we had the Boo Crew Cousins over for some Halloween fun. We listened to Halloween music and made some super fun treats!

Creating fun food items in the kitchen doesn't have to cost a ton of money or effort and those are the recipes we like! So no trick and all treats here.

One such recipe that allows for lots of fun, Vampire Donuts!

All you need is:

- (at least) One glazed donut per person

-Dollar Store Vampire Teeth

- Confectionery color coated chocolate circles...ok, ok , M & M's or Smarties, you know...from the Halloween candy you bought early for Halloween hand outs and now you are wondering if you will have enough come treat hand out time? Yep, me too! 


- Candy Eyeballs ( we use these sooooo much)

Give one set of teeth and one plated donut to each person.

Laugh and make silly Vampire Faces with the kids as they will inevitably stick those teeth right in their mouths!

kids in learnign towers look at the camera with vampire teeth in their mouths

I ended up giving them each another set of teeth to keep the donuts clean and because they were having so much fun.

Place the teeth inside the donut hole.

kids are putting vampire teeth inside donuts

With a little water, dab the back of their candy chocolates or eyeballs and have them place them as they wish.

boy in little sidekick puts eyes on donut

That's it, Scary Vampire Donuts! If you want to get extra fancy you could add some red icing around the mouth to act as blood.

 Boy and girl hold up their vampire donuts in while they stand in their Little Sidekicks

Stay tuned for more fun ideas!

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