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Affiliate Sign up Instructions:

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Affiliate with Creatables. Your word of mouth and positive recommendations mean the world to us, and to your family and friends!

This partnership is free to sign up for. For best results, it is strongly recommended you have one or more Creatables products to showcase your family using them, to take photos of etc. This will build trust within the community you reach and unlock your best selling potential!

First, have a look over the ‘Commissions and Details’ pages to familiarize yourself with the great benefits this program has to offer.

Next, you can sign up for your Affiliate portal account by watching our ‘Sign Up Video’ or follow these step by step instructions.

Go to

Enter the email that you would like to use and choose a passcode. (Please note: We have no access to your passcode, but can help you reset it if needed). Create your account.


2. We will verify your account on our end and set up your coupon codes. In order to do that, we will need some information from you. Let’s fill that out first and then take a look at the pages in the portal and what information they tell you.

3. Click on the ‘update your profile’ link that is highlighted or click on the ‘Settings’ tab.

4. Fill in the information as required. Please include your Company name, Website page and Facebook if applicable. The required tabs for location are for tax purposes only.

NOTE! Your coupon codes will be made from the data you enter in the Instagram handle box. Use your company name if applicable to increase your brand awareness.

We can not make your coupon codes without this information so please make sure to fill it out.

5. Also on this page, you will find the current Payment terms. Click the ‘Change’ button to update your PayPal email information. Payments are automated and we can’t pay you without your information.


6. After you receive your Welcome E-mail, your account is live! We have created your coupons for you and you are ready to start earning money!


As outlined in your Welcome Email and using this account as an example, the Coupon Code ‘Creatables’ is for Little Sidekick Kitchen Learning Stool purchases and will promo the free gift with purchase. MAKE SURE your customer adds BOTH their Little Sidekick and the Free item (currently, Chef Hat and Apron Set) to the cart for the coupon to work.

The Coupon Code ‘CREATABLES10’ is for 10% off all items other than Little Sidekicks.

Note that codes are NOT case sensitive.

The referral link is for a customer to click to our website and it tracks as your referral. If the customer shops and forgets/doesn’t use your coupon, you will still receive commission.

Further on this page you will see your current commission structure and a summary of your progress.

7. The ‘Marketing Tools’ Tab is for you to refer your customer to a specific product/page on the Creatables website. To create your referral link to that specific item/page, visit our website and copy the web address in the address bar. Paste it in the ‘Paste product page link’ and copy your generated link. This new link will bring your customers to the webpage of your choice.

8. The ‘Payments’ tab shows previous payouts.

9. Remember to Verify your Email.

Welcome to the Creatables team! Please contact us at if you need help signing up.