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F.A.Q Little Sidekick


Q: What are the Platform heights and how do I adjust them?

A: The platform can be set at 9", 14" and 19" from the floor to top of platform. The platform easily moves to any of the three heights by simply lifting the platform and setting it on the desired rung. The platform is designed to be held in position without any hardware and it will not move on your child. To select the right height for the platform, please make sure the top rung is above the child's waist.

bottom of platformimage showing platform on unit

Q: What is the Weight Capacity?

A: Maximum of 80 pounds is recommended.

Q: What is used for the Lettering?

A: Engraved : Machine engraved names and titles. Engraved words are painted with black spray paint. Engraving is to .1 inch depth. This is a permanent feature and new boards can be ordered if needed in the future.

Vinyl:  Matte vinyl is applied to a treated wood surface. This is non-permanent!

Q: Do I need to finish my unpainted little sidekick?

A: Our Little Sidekicks come in fully unpainted or with unpainted frames. The choice is yours! They are ready to use as is, or you can stain/paint it any color you wish. If they get dirty, a light sanding can remove most issues. If staining, we recommend the use of a wood conditioner first.

Q: Do I need to lift my child into the Little Sidekick?

A: When they are younger and not ready to climb, YES. We recommend having the three panels facing out from the counter and you will lift your child in and out of the Little Sidekick. The middle panel will act as a barrier for your child's heels.

unpainted little sidekick with text bubbles explaining features

When your child is older/comfortable with climbing, the unit can be turned sideways and there is a bigger opening with a re-enforced step (2x2) for your child to climb in and out on their own.

Please refer to our safety brochure included with every purchase for more information and tips.