three trace boards with capital letters alphabet trace board on top wrapped in string with wooden pencil in the knot
child hands hold a wooden pencil to trace a montessori alphabet wooden board
wooden trace board of lowercase alphabet letters with wooden pencil beside it
Wooden tracing board with capital letters alphabet, wooden finger board with lowercade alphabet
wood board with line tracing and wood board with finger maze
montessori finger tracing board with numbers, monetessori finger tracking board with shapes
young boy sits in livingroom crossed legged smiling and tracing a wooden shape board
montessori wooden trace board in a simple maze design
wooden trace board with pentagon, square, triangle, star and circle shapes. Board has a handle
Three stack of montessori wooden trace boards shown at a side angle

3 Pack Bundle - Double Sided Finger Tracing Boards - NATURAL Finish

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Montessori Finger tracing boards are perfect for children to practice their Fine Motor skills at an early age. Start with following the lines with your finger, improving eye and hand co-ordination and add the pencil when ready.

Durable and easy to use, providing hours of Education AND Entertainment!

With the addition of the wooden "pencil", children can perfect pencil skills by :

- Building hand muscles

- Learning the proper pencil holding form and

- How to print the letters by keeping the "pencil" in the grooves.


ALL boards are DOUBLE SIDED. Approximately 11.5" x 9" x .5". Made with quality Birch wood and light in weight.

Letter Board - Lower case letters, Upper Case Letters with wooden "pencil" holder - INCLUDES one wooden "pencil"

Shapes/Numbers Board - 5 Shapes, Numbers 1-10 with 10 counting circles

Lines/Maze Board - Line styles (Zigzag, Curved, 90 degree and Straight), Starter Maze

Natural Wood Finish - Sanded finish with no sealer applied, all natural

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