Group of six army man drawer knobs on white background
Two drawers of white dresser with two army man knobs on each drawer
Close up of one drawer on army knob dresser
four drawer white dresser with two army man knobs per drawer
Army man kneelig and talking on the radio, side view
army man kneeling and talking on the radio front view
army man drawer knob kneeling and aiming
military crawl drawer knob
Soldier standing drawer knob
soldier drawer knob in stance
soldier hollering drawer knob

Army Man Drawer Knobs

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I don't know but I've been told! Army men knobs are ready to be sold. One, two - Lead free! Three, four - For your drawer!
We turned hand painted army men into drawer knobs that come in 6 different poses and are sure to add fun and imagination to any dresser. Roger! Over and out!
Recruit the specific soldier you want in your platoon or if you're not picky, save some money and allow us to choose for you!

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