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Drawer Knobs

All Figurine Drawer Knobs are:

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Safety Tested
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Non-toxic, Lead Free & BPA Free
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Hand Painted
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Professionally Sculpted
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Easy to Install
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Hardware Included
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Have a Question?

Check out our FAQ Section below.

What Size Drawers and Doors will they fit?

1/2" to 3/4" thickness with provided screw (1"). Other 8-32 screw lengths are available at your hardware store for different drawer/door thickness.

If I buy a set of knobs, will I get duplicates?

No, If the knobs have a "set of" option available to purchase, you will get different knobs.

Can I choose my knobs in a set?

Sets are premade and no subsitutions will be allowed. In the case of Random sets, let us know which knob caught your eye, we may have a set with it!

Knobs are in a Set of 6 and I need 8. Can I buy them individually?

Individual knobs are only available as listed. If you only see "Set of" then that is all we have available to purchase. Consider adding the extras to the closet, play trunk or pass on to another to enjoy!

I don't see an individual knob listed that I want, will it be added?

Our knobs are transitioning to sets to avoid inventory imbalance. If the knob you want is not listed individually, it will only be available in the set.