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Little Sidekick Learning Stools

Make it easy to include your children in kitchen activities!

Set children to the proper counter height
Made with quality hand selected lumber
Grows with your child
Available in a variety of colours
Personalize - Add your Child's name!

Picky eaters are more likely to try food they help make.

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Little Sidekick Learning Stool

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Middle Panel

Prevents young children from stepping backwards.

Large Opening

For your child to climb in and out of. Lots of space for your child to move and grow!

Reinforced Step

Step is flush with Sidekick to prevent tripping.

Height Adjustments

Platform sits on one of three different settings to keep your child at the proper counter height, setting them up for success! No tools required.

Furniture Pads

Prevent scratching of floors and allow child to push their to desired location. Optional Spilt milk Anti Tips add a wider base, perfect for tiled floors!

Add Name or Title

Add your Child's name to the top panel and/or add a fun title like 'Sous Chef' to the middle panel.


Latex, low V.O.C interior paint with stain blocker is easy to clean.

Quality Craftmanship

Lumber is hand selected, sanded with edges rounded off for added safety and esthetics. Screws are flush mounted.

Cooking is a great way to in-still healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Cooking is an important life skill.

Parent Reviews

Young boy mixing ingredients in a bowl while standing in a Little Sidekick Learning Tower by Creatables.

Nearly one year later, we just wanted to say how much we continue to love our tower. We use it every single day.
We are so thankful to you for making such a fine product.

J Johnson
A young girl smiles while standing in a Little Sidekick Learning Tower by Creatables.

Scarlett likes that she is at eye level with everyone, so she feels a part of the group.  Mom loves it because she gets two hands to cook! 

C Antulov
A young boy prepares cupcake liners while standing in a Little Sidekick Learning Tower by Creatables.

I'll learn to do a lot of things by myself as I grow and also do fun recipes with my parents. 

L Rivas

Have a Question?

Check out our most Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Platform heights and how do I adjust them?

The platform can be set at 9", 14" and 19" from the floor to top of platform. The platform easily moves to any of the three heights by simply lifting the platform and setting it on the desired rung. The platform is designed to be held in position without any hardware and it will not move on your child. To select the right height for the platform, please make sure the top rung is above the child's waist.

Do I need to finish my unpainted Little Sidekick?

Our Little Sidekicks come in fully unpainted or with unpainted frames. The choice is yours! They are ready to use as is, or you can stain/paint it any color you wish. If they get dirty, a light sanding can remove most issues. If staining, we recommend the use of a wood conditioner first.

What is used for the Lettering?

Waterproof Matte vinyl is applied to a treated wood surface. This is non-permanent, but can last a LONG time if treated properly.

Do I NEED Spilt Milk Anti Tips?

That depends! Each child's needs are different. If your child is active, it would be a good idea to have extra support. Tiled floors may also provide an uneven surface for the furniture pads to keep the Little Sidekick level. It is strongly recommended for tiled floors. For added safety, add Spilt Milk Anti Tips to your order!

Do I need to lift my child into the Little Sidekick?

When they are younger and not ready to climb, YES. We recommend having the three panels facing out from the counter and you will lift your child in and out of the Little Sidekick. The middle panel will act as a barrier for your child's heels. When your child is older/comfortable with climbing, the unit can be turned sideways and there is a bigger opening with a re-enforced step (2x2) for your child to climb in and out on their own.

What is the Weight Capacity?

Maximum of 80 pounds is recommended.

Is your child the next Creatables Cutie?

Creatables Cutie - Meet Benedict!

Age: 19 Months

Province: Ontario

Favorite food to make: Bread

Mom Says:

Thank you so much! We felt our kitchen stress reduce the second he was placed in his Little Sidekick on the first morning. By lunch, he was pushing it back to the counter to help again. 

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