Little Sidekick Kitchen Learning Stool
3D Unpainted learnign tower
unpainted learning tower with features listed
unpainted little sidekick with text bubbles showcasing features of the learning tower
4 children of different heights on four Little Sidekick learning towers of different colors.
colour options with titles for learning tower personalization
A young boy and girl in chef hats and little sidekicks pour batter into a container
young girl in white learning tower has flour on her face and hands
young boy in green learning tower seperates muffin liners
Toddler to do list
toddler in learning tower shares a moment with grandma while making muffins
young girl in pink and white learning tower and young boy in white and blue learning tower cut strawberries with dad watching and are happy
boy in unpainted frame with blue panel little sidekick is in the learning tower looking up and smiling showing off the cookies he made
little sidekick learning tower in white frame with yellow panels against a kitchen counter
little sidekick learning tower in unpainted frame with green panels against a kitchen counter
little sidekick learning tower in white frame with blue panels against a kitchen counter
set of 4 milk shaped spilt milk anit tips up close
close up of spilt milk anit tip on white learning tower
little sidekick learning tower in unpainted frame with yellow panels against a kitchen counter
little sidekick learning tower in unpainted frame with white panels against a kitchen counter
Little Sidekick Kitchen Learning Stool
White frame with white panels
White frame with green panels
unpainted frame with blue panels
unpainted frame with pink panels

Little Sidekick Kitchen Learning Stool

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***Update: October 20, 2021. We are SOLD OUT, we will be making phone calls this week to secure more lumber. Stay tuned!***


It’s been a rough road with lumber prices increasing and we held on as long as we could to keep the prices the same. Not only has the price of lumber increased, but the quality has drastically lowered.
Before covid, we would hand select lumber from our deliveries and reject about a third of the lift. Recently, we were lucky to get a third of a lift that is usable.
Tonight, we hand picked from the store to save the trouble of getting lumber delivered and pretty much returning over 80% off it.
We looked at over 120 boards, all unopened bundles and found 13 usable pieces. Only 13!!
It wasn’t easy to make this decision, but we will be temporarily suspending Little Sidekick sales for the foreseeable future. We hope to be back in time to be under your Christmas tree, but have no idea if the lumber situation will be better by then. 🤞it is. A HUGE thank you to all you lovely customers who choose us!
Please sign up for our email list to receive updates of when we are back in stock and most likely, cash in on some great perks too! We will be back with a bang :)


A Little Sidekick is a kitchen helper learning stool for your children. 

Children love to help and now they can - safely with one of our Little Sidekicks! Now you can focus on teaching and having fun instead of worrying if your little helper will fall off that chair. 
Teach them to cook, bake; teach them your favorite family recipes! 

Nothing beats the proud smile of your little one when they hold up something they made. It doesn't get any sweeter than that!

Customer Reviews

Based on 136 reviews
Laurie Schneider
Learning Stool

It is fantastic! My granddaughter climbed in as soon as she got it and uses it every day. She loves to help stir things and do the dishes. I would recommend a learning tower to anyone with a toddler. The one I received from Creatables is amazing. Glides smoothly over the floor and is very sturdy. The wood is nicely finished and very smooth.

Lisa C.
Great Customer Service!

This is my second tower I’ve ordered and am very happy with it. I’m giving it 4/5 only because the milk spills were missing but customer service responded back so quick apologizing, saying they’ll send it ASAP! So I’m happy :)

Little sidekick learning stool.

It is very solid and my husband finished to match our kitchen wood work, so it tucks into a corner and looks like it always lived there. Happy about the movable platform as we had to lower it on day one ! Great service , local company with quick delivery . I am very happy I purchased from you. Best regards

Michael Downey
Little sidekick kitchen learning stool

We highly recommend this stool for your littles. We bought it for our grandson and he loves it and we love that he can help at the counter or table safely! It is beautifully made, easy to assemble and made with high quality wood.

Reagan McKay
Perfect in the kitchen

My 16 month old loves to climb and to be able to see what's going on in the kitchen! Perfect at the island for snacks and activites.