white dresser with 4 drawers and two safari knobs on each
Safari Drawer Knobs
gorilla, hippo, giraffe, camel, rhino and tiger drawer knobs pictured
zebra, bear, lion, crocodile, jaguar, elephant close up of drawer knobs
safari drawer knobs on white dresser with elephant kids art picture and a plant on top
Sideview of elephant drawer knob
front view of elephant drawer knob
Set of 12 wild animal drawer knobs scattered
black gorilla
rhino standing
camel standing with head up
Zebra side shot
giraffe pictured standing sideways
black bear standing
tiger with mouth open standing
Jaguar with mouth open standing

Safari Drawer Knobs

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It's a jungle out there, You can bring some of it home!

Your little one (or big one!) will love the look of our safari drawer knobs for their dresser drawers and/or closet doors.