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Spilt Milk Anti - Tips

Made with 6mm (~.25") Acrylic
4 spills per set - one etched
Etching matches the colour of unit - Black for white and unpainted
Custom Felt Pads (to prevent floor scratching)
Installation instructions and hardware included
Secured with 2.5" countersunk screws

Have a Question?

See the most FAQ below:

Are these required? Does the Little Sidekick Tip easily?

No, these are not required. The Little Sidekick does not tip easily when used properly. HOWEVER, these provide extra security and may be necessary depending on individual needs. These are recommended if you have tiled floors with wider grout lines, that may cause the Sidekick to be uneven when in the grooves.

How are these secured to the Little Sidekick? Will they scratch my floor?

Spilt Milks are secured to into the legs using 2 1/2" (6.3cm) Screws. They have a contour for the screw head to sink into the splat and come with custom felt pads for the bottom. Please check screw tightness periodically to prevent scratching of your floor.

Can I use these on other Learning Towers?

Yes! As long as you can pre-drill into the bottom of your unit and it will hold a screw. We can not guarantee results on towers other than Little Sidekicks.